"Chains" video is live!

I'm so happy that "Chains," the first single from my new album Vehicle, is live and out there in the world! The video was choreographed and performed by Reshma Gajjar and Nick Heitzeberg. Reshma and I have a special connection; she is "the girl in the yellow dress" from 'La La Land,' and I'm her singing voice in the film. I knew she'd be the perfect person to create a dance for this video, and I couldn't be more honored to collaborate with her. 


"Chains" is about two tangled necklaces in a jewelry box. They serve as a metaphor for people who go through difficulties in long-term relationships. A good relationship is just like an heirloom - you wouldn't toss it aside just because it becomes a little twisted. May we all be made stronger by the tangles.

Love, Angela